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The fact that not everything was in order with my son was intuitively and immediately understood by me, but the doctors were not, therefore they discharged us as healthy. This is where our lifelong race among doctors began ...

Neonatologists, neurologists, pediatricians, ophthalmologists ... Doctors of all specialties, just to understand what is wrong with the son. Oculists gave Smile total blindness, neurologists - the whole spectrum of diagnoses: from a brain tumor to genetic disorders.

Smile's eyesight is really in trouble, but thanks to the efforts of doctors and the persistence of his parents, his vision was partially restored. the situation with neurology was worse: Smile could not sit by himself, could not walk, lagged behind his peers in development. In the year the diagnosis was made: cerebral palsy. Why? At what point did something go wrong? Nobody gives an answer to this question.

Keyt finished courses of massage therapists, studied the basics of rehabilitation of such children, surrounded herself with textbooks and practical recommendations, studied all the forums. Twice a year, Keyt, Kirill and Smile underwent a rehabilitation course at a specialized center, where doctors explained in detail what classes should be continued at home.